Gun men Rapes 9 Nnamdi Azikiwe University Students, dis virgin 2 in Awka Anambra state

At least nine female students at Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Awka, Anambra State, are said to have been raped after armed suspects broke into their dorm early on Friday morning.

According to information that reached us, a group of approximately 20 people invaded ifite Road in Awka, where the hostels were located, shooting randomly and looting residents as they went from room to room.

Reporters were told by a university student who did not want her name used that the bandits were well-armed with rifles, axes, and matchets.Since the gunmen had not yet reached our hostel, we fled for our lives and took cover behind some nearby businesses.

“We were at the hostel when we heard gunshots that lasted for about ten minutes.Then, there was a lot of cries for aid from female students, but no one had the guts to confront them because they were well-armed.

I was unable to estimate how many individuals were harmed when those who sought to resist were beaten blue and black.”We are detaining one of the female students who was raped because she intends to commit suicide. She was raped twice and is a virgin.According to reports, Gov.

Charles Soludo received a call and instructed security personnel to fight the criminals, but by the time they arrived, the operation was nearly complete.Students in the neighborhood were accosted at bars and eateries four days before to the tragedy.

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