Health Benefits and side effects of drinking garri

Drinking garri can be really amazing because it has numerous health benefits you don’t know about. Garri which is mostly referred to as a ‘live saver’ because it can be quickly prepared and under 5 minutes or less it’s ready and also cheap.

But at the same time, garri is underrated as most people see it as a poor man’s food due to its weird out look.

The rate of drinking garri is said to have increased and about 36% of people in Nigeria which is about 3 million + drinks garri everyday. Interesting right? Keep reading this article as I’ll be telling you all you need to know about this amazing garri and the health benefits of drinking garri.

Now that you’ve understand those let’s head straight to the content of our article telling the health benefits of drinking garri.

What is Garri?

Garri is one of the most consumed food across west Africa not only been the most consumed but also very economical. it is popular in Ghana, Republic of Benin, Togo and Nigeria especially.

it is made from smashed by Fermenting, pressing, soaking (to release moisture) and lastly frying in a smoothly.

it can be made by soaking it in cold water and drinking or using boiled water in what we call eba.

This diet is very popular in Nigeria and Ghana.

What’s the English Name For Garri?

Garri is more appropriately known as cassava granules or cassava granulated in English.

Nutritional value of Garri

Garri is composed of many nutritional constituents which are:

  • Protein.
  • vitamin.
  • Criboflavin.
  • Fibrethiamine.
  • Calcium
  • Iron.
  • Vitamin B6.
  • Potassium.
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E e.t.c

Health Benefits of Drinking Garri

  • Garri Aids digestion.
  • Energy booster
  • Reduces body temperature.
  • Boost the immune system.
  • Source of foilate
  • Rich in fibre and Vitamins
  • Relaxes the body
  • Low in fat and high in carbohydrate
  • Substantial amount of protein

Side effect of drinking garri

1. Garri weakens the body:

Garri is one of the primary diet in Nigeria with a very affordable price k. which many Nigeria today drink on a daily basis. Garri can really weaken your body especially when taken excess and on an empty belly.

It is not always advisable to drink garri first thing in the morning without eating any food because this can weaken your body and make you feel sleepy.

2. It causes eye problems:

Cassava, which contains hydrocyanic acid, is used to make garri.

Garri contains Cyanide in which taken in large quantity can cause significant eye problems.

However, careful and proper processing of the garri should lower the acid concentration to a safe level. it is not advisable for people who has eye issues to take garri regularly.

3. Garri can worsen ulcer in the body:

Drinking Garri in excess can aggravate ulcer in the stomach because of the present of an organic acid known as Cyanide.

This can lead to an intestinal problem in the stomach and can worsen the situation of an ulcer patient.

Consuming Garri regularly is not proper and can cause harm to your health.

4. Weight Gain

Drinking Garri on a regular basis is not okay for those who are watching their weight because Garri can rapidly increase your weight.

This is because of the excess carbohydrates present in garri . After been broken down to glucose and glycogen in the body thorough a process called Glycogenolysis can lead to increase in weight and obesity.

5. It makes you look dry.

When you consume garri nearly every day, you tend to seem dry.If you observe folks who are always dependent on drinking garri as their primary source of sustenance at home, they probably lack food.

They have a dry appearance and a poor skin tone. this occur especially to people who drink garri almost everyday without adding milk or coconut.


How many times should I drink Garri a day?

it is not even advisable to drink garri everyday but if you feel you have to please endeavor to drink garri at most once in a day.

Can a pregnant woman drink garri?

Yes, a pregnant woman can drink garri but not on daily basis it must be taken consciously to avoid exccess carbohydrate in the body.

Is garri cheap?

Yes garri is one of the most affordable food in Nigeria today and other west African country except if there is an hike in price. But not considering this I can say garri is the cheapest food in West Africa today.

Can garri expire?

No, but it can burn if not kept in a cool and dry place.

What is garri made from?

Garri is made from mashed fried cassava.

How many colour of garri do we have?

In Nigeria we have two colors of Garri the white ( populaly known as ijebu garri) and yellow ( popularry known as Benin garri).is it wrong to drink garri on Christmas day No it’s not wrong but wrong when taken early in the morning.

Can I drink garri before sleep ?

No it makes you too heavy and it’s not best to take heavy food at night in order not to have indigestion. So its best to take garri in the afternoon.

Can I drink garri in the morning?

It is not always best to drink Garri in the morning especially without taking anything before drinking. it is best to drink garri I. the night


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