Ankara is an evergreen fabric which has been in existence for decades now and has constantly been modernized to fit into the recent fashion trends. A blouse can be combined with many attire like skirts, trousers and pants. When styled appropriately, it can be worn as formal, casual and many more. Mothers like to dress up looking elegant, and stylish this makes them stand out amongst families and friends. It is important to explore their traditional attires with pride. In this article, I will be discussing various ways to style your fabric at all times.

Fashion designers come up with new and creative ideas from time to time. Also, asides from putting on good attire you should always compliment your look with accessories. However, here are some designs to try out.

1. Peplum

This is a flare-based top which gives a fascinating volume to one’s look. It can also be complemented with other materials like net, lace or cord. And can be styled as an Off-shoulder and many more.

2. Creative sleeves.

Nowadays, a good sleeve helps elevate any attire. There are many of which can be done like a butterfly, princess, bell and many more.


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