Are you getting confused on which of the following universities is best? Are you in disarray on the difference between Convenant University and Landmark University?Well don’t be because in this article, I will be exposing to you which is best between both. Before we proceed let’s get the difference between CU and LMU.

What is Convenant University?

Covenant University (CU) is a private Christian university in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. It is affiliated with Living Faith Church Worldwide and is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, Association of African Universities , and National Universities Commission.

What is Landmark University?

Landmark University (LMU) is a private Christian university, affiliated with the Living Faith Church Worldwide and located in Omu-Aran, Kwara State, Nigeria. In 2014, it was featured among the top five universities in Nigeria by Webometrics.

Is Landmark better than Convenant University?

Now that you’ve understood meaning of Landmark and Convenant with their differences, let’s head straight to the content of this article telling which is better between both. It’s best if you don’t rush, just take your time and go through each part of this article. Primarily, I will compare and contrast between both Universities with the following points.

Table of Contents


Landmark University

Landmark University (LMU) ranked 40th in Nigeria and 5592nd in the World 2022 overall rankings, plus got ranked in 14 academic topics. Ranking for Landmark University is based on 3 factors: research performance (a proprietary algorithm evaluated 1,226 publications and 7,534 citations), non-academic reputation, and the impact of notable alumni.

Covenant University

Covenant University (CU) ranked 7th in Nigeria and 2306th in the World 2022 overall rankings, plus got TOP 50% in 22 academic topics. Ranking for Covenant University is based on 3 factors: research performance (a proprietary algorithm evaluated 4,384 publications and 33,019 citations), non-academic reputation, and the impact of 7 notable alumni.

As you can see, covenant University is taking the lead as it’s way far better than landmark in the aspect of ranking. Now let’s move to the next which is ASUU strike.


As it has always been, private universities don’t go on strike. Why? Because they are neither a state owned university or federal so they are not under the umbrella of asuu which makes them equal in the aspect of asuu strike. Now let’s move to the next which is school fees.


In covenant University, If you just Gained admission then you will be mandated to make the following payment :

  1. Tuition/exam/registration fee of N472,000 per session (First and second semester)
  2. Hostel Accommodation fee of N185,000
  3. Utility Fee of 75,000 Naira per session
  4. ICT Development fund of N25,000)
  5. Labs/workshop/studio fee of (N40,000)
  6. ICT training fee – N30,000
  7. Virtual library – N15,000
  8. Wireless internet – N15,000;
  9. Matriculation – N15,000
  10. Identification Card fee – N15,000
  11. Results verification is N5,000
  12. TMC & Visio 10-100 kit fee – N15,000.
  13. EDS fee – N6,000 across board
  14. College Dues – N2,000.
  15. Field trip – N7,500
  16. Caution Fee – N25,000
  17. Book – N15,000
  18. Medical deposit – N10,000
  19. Medical Test – N15,000
  20. Lab coat and tool for Engineering students – N25,000 (Engineering students); while students of
  21. Lab coat and tool for Biochemistry, Microbiology and Industrial Physics/Maths students – N7,000

While Landmark University school fees ranges from n600,000 – n700,000 and it has beautiful structures, they have wonderful hostels, a university library, chapel etc.It has always been that private universities pay more compared to that of state or federal.


Getting admission in private universities is quite easier compared to that of federal or state. You will just be required to pay and do the necessary. Recently , 3 of my friends got admitted in LANDMARK with a jamb score of <200 in which we know it will be almost impossible in federal and state universities which makes them equal in the aspect of admission style.


Covenant University offers a total of 38 courses while Landmark offer a total of 22 courses which makes covenant University top Landmark in the aspect of courses Offered.


Now that you have understood the difference between babcock and Covenant ,it’s now left for you to choose following the criterias we discussed on. Try to compare and contract applying wisdom.


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