Nevada Election results

As counties in both states seek to reduce the tens of thousands of ballots that still need to be counted, the razor-thin races for Arizona’s governorship and Nevada’s Senate seat have not yet been declared.

As of Saturday morning, after the reporting of over 80,000 ballots in Maricopa County, the state’s most populated county, Democrat Katie Hobbs is in the lead against Republican Kari Lake by around 31,000 votes. And as of Friday night, Republican Adam Laxalt was still ahead of Democratic incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto by a mere 800 votes.

Despite the fact that those contests are still open, CNN predicted on Friday that Republican Blake Masters will lose to Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly in Arizona and Republican Joe Lombardo will defeat Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak in Nevada.

With just the Nevada election remaining undecided, Kelly’s Senate victory puts Democrats one seat away from keeping control of the Senate. No matter what happens in the Georgia Senate runoff, Democrats will still need to win at least 50 seats if Cortez Masto is elected. If Laxalt prevails, the Georgia run-off, as it did in 2021, will decide Senate control.

With 21 elections remaining to be called, the control of the House is still in doubt. According to CNN predictions, Democrats have won 203 seats while Republicans have won 211 (218 seats are required to win the House). California is home to several of the uncalled House elections.

Regardless of the final composition of both chambers in 2019, Republicans’ underwhelming midterm performance has led to backlash against House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, while a few Senate Republicans are requesting a postponement of the leadership elections that are set to take place next week.

Here’s what to know when Election Day turns into Election Day weekend:

All eyes are on Nevada with the Senate being balanced

In Clark County, Nevada’s largest, which includes Las Vegas, county officials estimate there are about 22,000 mail-in ballots left to count, as well as more than 5,000 provisional ballots that need to be corrected.

In Washoe County, Nevada’s second most populous and home to Reno, CNN estimates there are about 12,000 ballots left to count, along with more than 5,000 provisional ballots and those that need to be processed.

Clark County will also release the results of the remaining 22,000 ballots by mail on Saturday, according to Register Joe Gloria.

Gloria told a news conference on Saturday that the results would be announced “in the afternoon or early evening”, and he estimated that could be around 7pm. AND the sooner the better.

State law allows mail-in ballots in Nevada through Saturday, although ballots must be postmarked by Election Day to be valid. According to Gloria, an additional 268 ballots were mailed on Saturday, but only ballots postmarked on Election Day will count.

Political organizations, especially the Democratic-leaning unions, which have spent months urging people to vote in Nevada’s crucial Senate race are now focused on “curing” the leaves. Missing mail-in ballots as part of a competition have yet to be convened.

“Healing” is a process in which voters correct problems with their absentee ballot, ensuring that the ballot counts. This means confirming that a vote really came from them by adding a missing signature or fixing signature matching issues. The deadline for voters to “cure” their ballot in Nevada is Monday, November 14, according to state law. Gloria said on Saturday that 7,139 mail-in ballots could still be “cured”.

Maricopa County reports 80,000 votes, more to come

Arizona’s Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, reported about 80,000 additional ballots late Friday night, including many absentee ballots that had been dropped at Election Day ballots.

According to Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Gates, there are about 275,000 votes left to count.

Gates said he hopes that if they continue the tally at the same rate — about 60,000 to 80,000 votes per day — the county will complete the tally “early next week.”

Pima County, Arizona’s second most populous and home to Tucson, is expected to still have about 85,000 votes cast late Friday, county elections chief Constance Hargrove told Wolf Blitzer and John King from CNN. .

Hargove said she expects by Monday, Pima County will see the majority of the remaining votes counted. She previously told CNN that all votes will be counted Monday morning. However, on Friday night, she explained that this will no longer be the case due to a large number of about 80,000 votes received from the Clerk’s Office earlier in the day.

During a speech in Phoenix on Saturday, Kelly thanked state election officials, “respectable Republicans and Democrats who do the important job of ensuring the vote and voice of the people.” Arizona is heard – their votes are counted as quickly and as transparently as possible.”

Masters wasn’t ready to admit it, tweeting on Saturday that “we’ll make sure every legitimate vote counts.”

“Ultimately, if Senator Kelly has more than me, then I would congratulate him on an arduous victory,” he added.

Meanwhile, Lake supporters gathered outside the Maricopa Vote Center on Saturday. Gates told CNN’s Jim Acosta that officials have every reason to believe it will remain peaceful, and he asked people to be patient. “Everyone here at

It comes after Gates challenged allegations of misconduct by Masters, the Republican National Committee and Arizona Republicans on Friday night, saying they “insult” election workers .

“The suggestion by the Republican National Committee that something is not right here in Maricopa County is completely false and, again, offensive to election workers,” he said. this nice.

On Friday night, the RNC and the Arizona Republican Party tweeted a statement criticizing the county’s process and asking it to require “ongoing changes to ballot processing” until all votes cast. tally, as well as “regular changes and accurate public updates.” The groups also threatened that they “will not hesitate to take legal action if necessary”.

Addressing specific allegations in the RNC statement, Gates said:

“I would like if there are any concerns they can notify us here. I am a Republican. Three of my colleagues on the board are Republicans. Raise these issues with us and discuss them with us, instead of making baseless claims. “

He added: “They’re abusing the rhetoric here, which is exactly what we don’t need to do.

Responding to claims that the counting “takes too long,” Gates said the county’s pace is consistent with previous years.

“Over the past two decades, on average it took 10 to 12 days to complete the count. Not for anything that Maricopa County decided to do. That’s because of the way the law in Arizona is set up, and that’s what we do here in Maricopa County, we follow the law to make sure the numbers are correct. “

Source: CNN NEWS 


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