JAMB Top Hidden Secrets And Tricks On How To Pass 2023/2024 UTME (300+ Pro Tricks)


Do you wish to know the top most common Jamb tricks and secrets for this year 2023/2024 UTME or how to pass your jamb with a score of 300+ above? If you really want to know, then this post if for you and I’m 100% sure it will be of a huge help to you.

Many candidates will say “I can’t pass jamb” or some will say “jamb is very hard” and some might even say “I’m just trying this year’s jamb to see how it is” and various statements all leading to fear. The big secret is that Jamb is easy and you shouldn’t mind people who say such, why? Because it will bring unnecessary tension to you, especially if it’s your first time, so you shouldn’t waste your time listening to such words.

We are here to expose and leak you to the REAL JAMB SECRET to blast the upcoming 2022/2023 UTME with ease. We’ll give you sure proven tips to Pass JAMB 2022 without cheating only by applying the tricks I will tell you in this article. In fact, the most UTME Candidates used this proven method, and it works out for them.

Keep reading Friend! At the end of this article, you will be inspired, and you’d be able to Pass JAMB 2023/2024 excellently and pass like you never thought of.

Now let’s get to the main content of this article and I’ll be starting with the secrets of Jamb you should know as a candidate.

Jamb Top Hidden Secrets For 2023/2024

  1. Jamb is conducted once
  2. JAMB accepts awaiting results
  3. You cannot pass JAMB by cramming past questions
  4. you can sit for JAMB without writing WAEC, NECO or NABTEB
  5. You can not score 400 in JAMB
  6. JAMB examination is easy
  7. JAMB does not give scholarship awards to the best–performing students
  8. JAMB repeat past questions every year
  9. JAMB syllabus and JAMB Recommended textbooks are the most essential tools to pass the examination
  10. There is nothing like Expo in JAMB
  11. You cannot upgrade your JAMB score
  12. You cannot write JAMB from home
  13. You can write JAMB as many times as you can
  14. You can gain admission to study any course in Nigeria without JAMB
  15. JAMB does not make questions available a day before the exam

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions.

Now that you’ve read the secrets of jamb I listed above, let me now expose JAMB tricks on how pass your 2023/2024 UTME exam. These 10 magic tricks I listed below, combined with the secrets, should be able to give you a score of nothing less than 300 in your UTME exam.

Tricks On How To Pass 2023/2024 exams

The bitter truth is that you can’t pass your exam without reading, so don’t let people deceive you by saying “you can pass without studying”. There is no way this can happen. There is no magic behind it, no EXPO and anything you can think of except applying these tricks I’ve been able to gather.

  1. Start Your Preparation Early:
    Early preparation will continue to be one of the best way to prepare for JAMB and pass. Why? Because starting your preparation early will enable you to cover more topics and not only covering them but mastering them before your exam date. There is a saying that “Proper Preparation Prevent Poor Performance”. That’s actually true, many students will say words like “There is still time for me because my exam date is far” but that’s totally wrong. There is no time at all. That’s why you should start your preparation now. There is no crime in studying 6 months before your exam date.

2. Set A High Target Score
As a wise student, I would expect you to have an aim towards your Jamb Exam. A target score should be one of them. This will enable you want to read more and at most boost your self-confidence. I remember when I wanted to write JAMB back then in 2018 I targeted a score of 280; I worked towards it and I ended up getting 289. Later I blamed myself for not making my target 300, but in all, I was able to secure admission with that score. My point here is, if you have a target score, you will know where you are standing. Your target score will determine how serious you will be when reading for your exam.

3. Study Constantly
Now it’s not all about reading, but also practicing what you have read. This consistent act will make what you’ve read so far stick to your brains till the date of your exam.

4. Make Use of Jamb Syllabus
Not using JAMB syllabus is just like going to school without a book and a pen. Where will you write what you are being taught? You should learn to make use of JAMB syllabus during your preparation. This JAMB syllabus will serve as a guide. It includes the topics JAMB will set their questions from so imagine you can cover all the topics in the syllabus. That’s a big win for you. And don’t be deceived, Jamb can’t set questions out of their syllabus. That’s why I recommend you to use Jamb released Syllabus to avoid problems with your score.

5. Make Use Of Jamb Past Questions
Making use of JAMB past questions will also play a big role during your preparation. So while making use of your syllabus, you go though your past questions and look for questions under the topics you have read and answer questions on them. As time goes on, you will find out you are becoming an expert because of consistency.

6 Use Jamb Recommend Textbooks And Novels
With the aid of JAMB recommend text books, you’ll be able to understand how jamb set their questions. If you are an addict to your past question and you make use of JAMB recommend textbook, you will find similarities. That’s because JAMB uses those recommend textbooks to set their questions. Amazing right? Not also that, make use of JAMB recommend novel which will be given to you on the day of your registration. Most candidate use this novel to joke, calling it easy because it’s a novel, forgetting that 30% of your questions in English Will come from that novel so you should make time to study the novel because it will help boost your score.

7 Engage with Like Minds
This simply means group studying. This is another vital part of this article you should focus on. I know you can read alone but consider reading with your mate writing for jamb as well. It will help you cover more topics and when reading with then knowledge is shared as well.

You should consider yourself lucky because I’m here to help you with tricks on how to pass. In our time we just focus on reading alone without guide but the world has gone digital so thanks to the media and more. This will bring us to the end of this article and I wish you good luck in advance. If you are facing any difficulty, you are free to make a comment below so I can assist.

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