In a smart move to prevent a resurgence of insecurity, especially within its borders, the Kogi State government signed a memorandum of understanding with Chinese investors on providing High-tech security.

Smart technology, the first of its kind, will capture the movement in and out of Bang Kogi from a command and control center to destroy terrorists, bandits and other possible criminals. wants to infiltrate this state and the 11 other states it shares. border.

According to the state government, in order to conclude this commendable security screening agreement, all the parties involved, including the military, state service department, navy, police and local police, among others, have been trained.

The director general of Kogi State Public-Private Cooperation and Investment Promotion Agency, Abdulkareem Siyaka, revealed that a lot of work was done in the conceptualization and design of the project with the Chinese company Hytera. , eventually coming to an investment agreement that would significantly improve the state’s economy while reducing insecurity in Kogi State as well as neighboring states.

He revealed this during the opening of the two-day interactive workshop on “Kogi State Mission Critical Support System:

21st Century Integrated Smart State/Security Architecture”, held in Abuja. He noted that the project is expected to create more than 685,000 jobs, attract more than N591 billion in annual investment, and encourage migration to rural areas of the state, adding that 5G license has been issued. .

“We put the entire state on the map, real-time, virtual, audio and visual, so when you enter Bang Kogi from anywhere, even in the bush, we’ll be,” Siyaka said. don’t go into too much detail due to the sensitivity of the architecture, but the components will be controlled by a command/control hub.

“The idea is that the moment you get into the state, we’ll see you; if you drive, if you walk, you have metal, if you talk, we can collect it and then if you do anything wrong, we should be able to intercept you using our field staff on the ground, etc.”

The CEO of KOSIPA added, “Our patron, Mr. Executive Governor of Kogi State, is always looking to the future in everything he does. He is not a leader who jokes about national security. This is why today we are number one in this field.

“He knew that in order to develop Bang Kogi, he would have to stay ahead of the criminals by using artificial intelligence, by using super crime-fighting infrastructure. We border the 11 states that we are in. I have no control, so the best way to get vaccinated, to arm yourself is to embark on this kind of project.

Governor Yahaya Bello, while announcing the opening of the workshop, said he was confident the project, fueled by a 5G network and a 30-megawatt gas-fired power plant built by an American company, would ensure Not only would a Kogi be safer than the State, but would greatly improve economic development and infrastructure.

“There can be no meaningful development without adequate security,” said Governor Bello. We are a serious government, ready to exploit all our resources for the benefit of the people. We will continue to do our best. We have received several safety and security awards for our employees. It is a call to do more and we will do more.

“I want to assure the people of Kogi State that until my last day in power, I will continue to work with all law enforcement agencies and our citizens at all levels to ensure that we are fighting these criminals to the end.”


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