Man loses pregnant wife after disappointment by bank amid Money scarcity in Kaduna

A pregnant woman in Kajuru LGA’s Kasuwan Magani died because her husband couldn’t cover her medical expenses because of the severe naira shortage.

The hospital turned away the woman who was about to give birth because her husband could not make the down payment.

James Auta described the incident, saying that on Monday, he brought his wife to the hospital, where the doctor demanded payment before examining her.

He said: “I rushed to my bank to withdraw money, but I was told there was none.I returned to hunt for POS employees, but I was unable to do so since, ever since the issuance of new currency,Most POS operators have their business center locked up.

He added that because he was unable to access his money, the couple made the decision to return home and put their faith in God for a safe birth.Sadly, things went from bad to worse for them.

Around 11 night, my wife started having babies. I contacted a nurse in our community since I was unable to withdraw any money.But blood kept pouring out as my wife gave birth.

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