Over 2 million people have been plunged into darkness and flooded homes as Hurricane Ian attacked southwest Florida, United States.

According to the US National Hurricane Center, it is one of the toughest hurricanes to ever hit the US across the Florida peninsula overnight Wednesday as it threatened catastrophic flooding inland.

According to, 2,538,000 Florida homes and businesses were left without electricity as of 6:30 am Thursday.

It disclosed that almost every home and business in three counties are without power.

The CBS said law enforcement agents in nearby Fort Myers received calls from people trapped in flooded homes or from worried relatives.

Their requests were also posted on social media sites, some with videos showing debris-covered water splashing toward homes’ attics.

Brittany Hailer, a journalist in Pittsburgh, contacted rescuers about her mother in North Fort Myers, whose home was swamped by 5 feet of water.

“We don’t know when the water’s going to go down. We don’t know how they’re going to leave, their cars are totalled. Her only way out is on a boat,” Hailer said.

Hurricane Ian has turned streets into rivers and blew down trees as it smashed into southwest Florida on Wednesday with 150-mph winds, pushing a wall of storm surge.

The hurricane’s strength at landfall was Category 4 and tied it for the fifth-strongest hurricane, when measured by wind speed, to ever strike the U.S.


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