Contestant in the ongoing Big Brother Naija Level Up season, Phyna is the Head of House for the eight week.

Biggie made the announcement on Monday evening after Phyna beat Daniella, Sheggz and Adekunle in the final lap of the HOH games.

This makes her the second female to clinch the HOH title this season, with Chomzy being the first.

Phyna was asked to pick a roommate to share the exclusive HOH lounge with and she chose her love interest, Groovy.

Her win means that she automatically gained immunity fro nominations for the week.

However, Groovy was excluded from the privilege.

Phyna’s win is a notable one because it makes her the first housemate from former Level 2 house to emerge as HOH.

Chomzy became the Head of House for week 5 in the Big Brother Naija Level Up season.

This makes her the first female HOH for the season as the position has been held by 4 men before her.

In the fifth week, Chomzy emerged the winner after successfully completing the HOH task ahead of other housemates.

Biggie announced that the Head of House room has been opened and he asked her to choose a deputy HOH to share the suite.

She picked the immediate past Head of House, Eloswag and he accepted. Both housemates have earned immunity from nominations for the week.

The task on Monday, August 22 saw all Season 7 housemates fight for a chance to continue in the reality show except incumbent HOH

Housemates were instructed to use their mouths and pick donkua balls from one plate to another.

Biggie allowed the female housemates to go first and after the challenge Bella and Chomzy made it to the finals.

The male housemates went next but they were all disqualified by Big Brother because they picked more than one donkua ball at a time.

In the finals, Chomzy and Bella were provided candles and pickers to recreate it the way the one in front of them was placed within five minutes.

Bella finished first and indicated that she was done but after being inspected by Eloswag, it was discovered she made a mistake and so Chomzy was declared the winner, hence becoming the only female head of house for this edition. For more updates on BBNaija visit khaleemp3


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