Tigernut(Aki Hausa)

Tiger nuts is one of the common types of nut that a lot of people take on a regular basis in Nigeria. It is mainly found in the northern part of the country, thus the name (Aki Hausa).

Over the years, this nut has become a normal thing that most people take to satisfy their taste and it is most people’s favourite street snack.

Tiger Nut is eaten because of its taste but only a few people know it’s benefits to the human body. Well, I can boldly tell you that tiger nut has numerous benefits to the body that people should be aware of according to health

1. May improve digestion in the body

Tiger Nut has over the years been found to have several benefits to the body. One of those many benefits of tiger nut to the body is that it helps or generally plays a role in improving digestion in the body.

This is mostly due to the fact that it contains insoluble fiber which have been found to be great for digestive health.

2. May reduce blood sugar levels

People with conditions such as Diabetes or high blood sugar are highly advised to take more of tiger nut. This is because it is rich in fiber and arginine which helps in maintaining and managing the body’s blood sugar levels.

3. May improve heart health

Tiger Nut is also believe to play a role in improving the heart health of the body. This is also because of the high level of fiber, low calories and healthy oils which are found in this nut.

Eating tiger nut and other forms of nuts are great for the heart health of the body.

4. Could help boost immunity and fight infections

Tiger Nut is rich in a lot of nutrients needed by the body, it also helps in boost immune responses which helps in building your body to fight diseases.



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