Supaporn Pramongmuk, a Thai woman, was weeks away from giving birth.

The 25-year-old teacher, who was eight months pregnant, reported to work as usual on Thursday at a kindergarten in northeastern Thailand where her pupils were no older than two years old.

Supaporn’s parents were anticipating the birth, which was scheduled for October 23 or 24, and had hoped their new granddaughter would someday go to the same nursery where her mother worked.

Supaporn and her unborn child, however, were among the 37 people killed on Thursday in one of the worst knife and gun rampages Thailand had ever seen.

Mother of Supaporn Pranee Srisutham reportedly said, “Tears are falling inside my heart.”

“I can’t cry, I can’t speak.”

Pranee told  Al Jazeera that she grieved till she had no more tears to shed after learning what had happened to her daughter.

Supaporn’s husband remained silent. Nothing could convey his sadness.

He responded, “I’m dumbfounded,” with tears of agony streaming from his eyes.

The kids were dozing off.

On Thursday night, Supaporn’s family, including her mother, father, husband, and other relatives, gathered in an emergency center that had been set up close to the nursery.

Many families at the Joint Incident Management Centre had already waited up to eight hours by the time it was 9.00 p.m. (14:00 GMT) for word that the autopsies had been finished and the remains had been returned.

A team of psychologists who worked with family and listened to their loss stories had a designated space of the center for their usage.

Parents at the incident centre were in a state of visible shock and heartbreak. Nearby, small coffins had been lined up for the bodies.


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