Imo State Governor Senator Hope Uzodinma said on Thursday that his government had overcome fears of war in the state.

He said this during the 31st Annual Lectures/Awards of the Crime Writers Association of Nigeria (CRAN) in Ikeja, Lagos.

Mr Uzodinma received CRAN’s coveted Platinum Award (Fighting Insecurity) and was one of his 36 respected and deserving Nigerians recognized by the Institute for his service to the country and humanity.

The governor said he was very pleased, through Information Commissioner Declan Emelumba that his tenacious fight against unrest in Imo State was noted, celebrated and recognized. He said the fight against insecurity is paying off so he can now address other important issues in the state.

According to Emelumba, if it weren’t for the uncertainty most of the governor’s attention and huge sums of money would have been spent, the state would change incredibly and other states would be jealous of imo. 

He went on to explain that the governor has decided to turn his attention to other important state issues. The promotion was announced Wednesday, he said, Emelumba.

his words:

“The governor wanted to be here, but he had to stay because of the All Progressive Congress (APC) meeting in Ebony today. The rally is in his territory, and he chairs the APC Presidential Election Council in the Southeast, so he couldn’t have been away from it. But he said I should come to represent him. Your Excellency is delighted with the award as it shows that his tireless struggle against insecurity in Imo State has paid off and today Imo State is relatively safe. “

He further explained:

“The governor will be happy if people appreciate the sacrifices they have made to bring peace back to Imo. If someone appreciates what they have done, they will do more. said we should be grateful to CRAN for not only observing and monitoring what it is doing and is doing in Imo State, but for evaluating it. In the last 10 years, no Imo State official has ever been promoted for a large sum of money, but only yesterday (Wednesday) he gave blanket approval to the promotion of all Imo State officials. This is happening now that peace has come to Imo State and the governor can focus on other important things. ”


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