Video: Drama as lady collapses on the road after being dumped by boyfriend (Watch video)

A young lady who was recently served breakfast by her boyfriend caused a hell of confusion and panic as she collapsed on the busy road.

According to the video, she broke down in tears on the bare ground losing her breath for a moment as many people made attempts to revive her.

The girl passed out and left people worried as they began to search for water to pour on her but when a woman beat her chest, she came regained consciousness.A video which surfaced online captured the moment she was crying that the boyfriend who broke up with her is the only man she loves.A woman who helped to revive her further tried to console and comfort the girl as she was going haywire in public.

Eyewitnesses were divided in their reaction to her outcry, while some found it hilarious, others took pity on the lady and reassured her that she will get over him.

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