VIDEO: Man Striped Naked In Bank over Scarcity of Naira Notes

A video circulating on social media shows the moment a man stripped naked inside a bank demanding for cash.

Despite claims by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) that it has issued enough new naira to commercial banks across the country, commercial banks insist they do not have enough new money to issue to customers.

As a result, many banks across the country have stopped issuing funds to their customers entirely, with some of them issuing up to N10,000 or N5,000. 

The man who lamented that He can’t go back home because his children are dying of hunger.

He said is better for him to die here than to go home and die with his children.

The frustrated man was in tears saying his 7 years and 4 years children has not eaten for the past two days.

The Bank staffs were pleading to him to put on his clothes and calm down but he refused saying is better they should shoot him and let him die here than to go back home without any money.

This video has caused many reactions online.

watch video below.

Video of man naked because of scarcity of Naria Notes

Download Video here


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