Watch Video: Side chick caught on matrimonial bed by wife.

There’s been some reactions concerning this video as side chick was caught on couple matrimonial bed by wife.

She confesses that it’s her first time doing it as furious wife was just stoning her and insulting her. Many people have reacted to this incident.

@Walter fubura

Why not attack the husband but the girl ❓this is injustice the husband knowing well he is married brought this girl to his matrimonial home what expected of the wife is hold her husband to be blame not the innocent girl he deceived and take to home. Her action is not just.

@AnnabelShe couldn’t wear her cloths while up there, na nakedness she go carry reach hospital today.

@preciousWhat you could have done is break bottles all over the ground then leave her to jump down if she got the mind while you climb up to meet her😄

Watch video below

Download video here.

Source: igbere tv


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